Wednesday, February 27, 2013

KISS Nail Art

Today I have some nail art for you guys!  My hubby has been pestering me to do some KISS nail art for one of his co-workers for the past couple weeks.  Apparently he is a huge KISS fan.  They are a bit before my time, but I have seen a few episodes of "Gene Simons Family Jewels" and I enjoyed it.

So I started off by painting my nails a with a black polish, then I added some fast drying top coat.

Then using a red, orange and yellow acrylic paint I mixed my colours to create a fiery background on my black nails.

I mixed red with orange and orange with yellow so I could create a ombré effect with the flames.

I started with the red paint and created the shape of the flames.  Then I used too the red-orange shade and painted it over the red. Then I took the orange and painted in on top of that, and so on, until I got to the lightest shade, creating and ombré look with the flames.

Then using my black acrylic paint I painted KISS across my four fingers, then I outlined it with a thin black line all the way around the letters.

I also wanted to see how it would look with a matte top coat.

So after doing the KISS logo I also wanted to try some cute kiss faces. Here's how they turned out.  Aren't they adorable!!

Which do you prefer? The KISS logo or the faces? Let me know in the comments below!!
-Melissa xoxo

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